Generous Church

Imagine a movement of global generosity...

GenerousChurch exist to catalyze generosity through global church and ministry networks. We believe Biblical generosity is about disciple-making, not fundraising.

Our vision is to recapture the energy and impact of the Acts 2 and 4 Church through Biblical generosity

We believe all followers of Jesus are designed to live generously, regardless of location or economic status
We desire to see local generosity flourish so that local givers fund local ministry, thus breaking free from unhealthy dependence
We seek unity in the Church through partnering with talented leaders and networks around the globe. Our heart is to serve great leaders

Multiplication > Addition

By leveraging the power of Scripture and modern stories along with our generosity content and experience, we have helped train thousands of Christian leaders in Over 75 countries.

Since we believe multiplication is greater than addition, we partner with global church and ministry networks to develop customized generosity training. This has unleashed thousands generous disciples within networks all around the world.

How we partner

Build great VISION among leaders in your network around Biblical generosity. This brings motivation and desire to grow the message.

Help leaders in your network EXPERIENCE transformational generosity. This builds greater understanding and confidence in those who train others.

Work with your network to DESIGN customized generosity trainings. This assures your training fits your context and culture.

Our Story

Since 2011, we have helped thousands of Christian leaders in the United States unleash generous disciples through generosity training, events, tools and coaching for the local church. We believe our ministry efforts helped many church leaders redefine generosity from fundraising to disciple-making as followers of Jesus.

In the summer of 2019, our team invested significant time in prayer, repentance and fasting. God showed us a new direction - to move from addition to multiplication. Later that year we made a trip to Egypt to facilitate our first global generosity training. We left Egypt with a clearer vision of what multiplication looks like and how future generosity trainings could be conducted.

In February 2020 we traveled to Southeast Asia to meet with 40 members of the LeaderSource team. We cast a vision for Biblical generosity globally to leaders from nearly 20 countries. Our objective was to determine if these skilled men and women believed the generosity message was needed around the globe.

The clear answer was yes!

We engaged with LeaderSource leaders to create and launch their own generosity training to spread through their network. The training we created with them looks and feels like LeaderSource training, it contains their models and is owned by LeaderSource.

This was a big discovery for us! We could help networks catalyze the development of generosity training by bringing generosity content to network leaders. The local network brings contextualization based on their experience. The result is a powerful generosity training created in a short period of time that is owned and implemented by the network.

Based on these learnings we have created the Generosity Design Lab, a 2-day process to catalyze the development of contextualized generosity training for church and ministry networks.

The training model first created in Dec 2019 has been used to train over 17,000 leaders in 75 countries.

The Team

Patrick Johnson

Founder + Visionary

Patrick has a passion to see Biblical generosity spread through global church and ministry networks. Over the last 15 years, he has partnered with both large and small networks to equip leaders to unleash generous disciples. Leveraging the power of Scripture and story, the products and experiences that he’s created have been used by over 2000 churches to transform the hearts and minds of Jesus-followers toward generosity as a way of living versus an act of giving. Patrick and his wife Jennifer live in Kansas City and have four grown children.

Troy Dixon

Chief Operations Officer

Troy is an entrepreneur and global leader. He is dedicated to developing out-of-the-box solutions for global ministry and organizational problems. He is passionate about unlocking the immense value that all of God’s children have to offer. His life goal is simply to walk with Jesus. Troy has experience in various leadership roles in the international ministry and for-profit sectors. He currently lives in the Bay Area, partnering with Antioch Community Church, Crazy Love, and Youth with a Mission to equip and disciple college students.

Cindy Cheeks

Global Relationship Manager

Cindy came to GenerousChurch with a background in client services, administration and marketing. In 2005 she began her non-profit work with a relief organization, where she eventually served as Executive Director. She has since worked with non-profit and government agencies, helping structure their operations for maximum impact. Cindy and her husband Keith live in Mississippi and have six grown children, including a daughter in law and son in law.

Daniel Díaz

Funding and Operations Coordinator

Daniel has experience working with nonprofits in short-term missions, administration, and marketing. He enjoys connecting and building relationships with friends, donors, and volunteers. In 2015, he felt called by the Lord to serve people living in poverty in Guatemala City’s garbage dump. Three years later, he expanded his impact to serve underprivileged children in Guatemala, southern Mexico, and other countries in Central America. In 2024, Daniel joined the GenerousChurch team to spread the message of generosity worldwide. He resides in Guatemala City with his lovely wife, Paula.

Ray Zuercher

Global Relationship Manager

Ray’s vocational ministry experience spans three decades within para-church and pastoral ministries. He has a shepherd’s heart and understands the vital importance of discipling leaders in order to overflow to others. Ray serves pastors and ministry leaders across the country and internationally through our generosity trainings. He and his wife Janell are lifetime Kansas residents and have three adult children and six adorable grandchildren.

Adel Azmi

Regional Director of MENA Region

Adel is the Founder and CEO of the NABLA, a ministry begun in 2017, with a mission of creating a culture of generosity for accountable Christ centered churches, ministries and Christian-Owned Business. The resulting goal is local funding for long term sustainability and kingdom impact. He has over 20 years of experience in business: tourism, import-export industry, and real estate and has traveled to 24 countries for business and ministry. Adel facilitates GenerousChurch initiatives in the Middle East/North Africa region. He lives with his wife Sylvana and son.

Catherine Muthey


Catherine has been part of GenerousChurch as Lead Intercessor since 2016, praying for the team and leaders daily. She knows that we can do nothing on our own and spends time in prayer and fasting for people to experience being near God and engaging in generosity. When she is not traveling for generosity, mentoring or prayer opportunities, Catherine touches the world through intercession from her home in Kansas.

Belinda Bassene

Special Projects

Belinda is a strategic leader who is committed to growth and development in people and organizations. She spends her time, both personally and professionally, empowering and equipping people to embrace who God has created them to be. She has over 15 years of experience serving churches and ministries through executive roles in non-profit and corporate settings. She is married to Janvier, they have three children and live in Kansas City.